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Statement from Chair of Equinox Board

25th February 2015

Robert Branagh, Chair of Equinox Care: “Equinox Care exists to provide support, care and accommodation to people with multiple and complex needs, including mental ill health, drug dependence and alcohol dependence. We also work with people who have a history of homelessness or offending. In 2014, we worked with 1138 people across our services in […]


“I call it the invisible poke. Harvey motivates me without pressure”

21st February 2015

Wayne, Equinox Brighton: “I came to Equinox Brighton in June 2013. My marriage had broken up and where I was living in emergency housing, there were loads of people using drugs. I ended up sleeping in the park because I couldn’t take where I was living. “The rough sleepers team found me sleeping out and […]

Stuart, Equinox Brighton:

Equinox Brighton logo“I’m 53 now and in the last 20 years, I’ve had no access to normal things. I’ve lived in parks, caves, allotments and squats. In a way, pure stubbornness kept me out there.

Equinox Brighton got me out of the car park, off the brandy. They found me somewhere to live and helped me get a passport. They’re pleasant people at Equinox, very tolerant.

“Having somewhere to live is fundamental. If you’re tough enough you can deal with being homeless, but having a place to live makes a vast difference to the way I feel mentally. Just knowing I can walk away from whatever crap is going on, I can go home rather than having to sleep in a doorway – it’s so important. The key to the door is the most important thing of all.

“I’ve now accepted support. I’ve not met a member of staff at Equinox who I’ve fallen out with. I keep all my appointments with staff. My keyworker, Heather, gives me the human touch, which keeps me coming back. The whole bunch of them at Equinox Brighton, they give me their time. I’m definitely calmer than I used to be. I am seeking medical advice and I’m following through on the advice I get.

“I’ve played the piano since I was 10. It’s not talent, it’s hard work. I improvise songs. I play the piano in the YMCA about once a week and occasionally I join in with the YMCA band. I have to tell them all what to do there, I conduct. I’m like Andre bloody Previn!”

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