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Race for Life fundraiser: inspired by Kathleen, breast cancer survivor

7th February 2015

Kathleen, Equinox service user: “I saw something about Race for Life on the TV and I thought I’d like to do it. I’d been through breast cancer myself and it was chance to give something back. I really wanted to help other people going through what I’d been through. “I talked to my key worker […]

Equinox Nine Lives, Ann’s story:

“Hello, my name’s Ann and I’m nearly 55. I’ve got 4 daughters, who I love very much, and I’ve got 3 grandchildren. One’s 10 and the other two are 5.

“Like, if I haven’t seen them for a little while, they always come running over to me, ‘Nanny, Nanny’. And then they just give me a little cuddle. I think they love their Nanny.

“When I was little, me Mum used to knit baby booties for my youngest brother. And I used to finger knit. Then as I got older, I started to do my own knitting and I ended making my daughter a big blanket for the bed, two colours.

“If I’m unwell, I feel suicidal. And I get a lot of horrible thoughts in my head. That I don’t want to be here anymore.

“I feel different. I feel in a way that I’ve let my children down. But you’ve got to try and be strong and say, no, you couldn’t be there for them then. You’re there for them now.

“You could lock yourself up with pain and not want no-one to know and then it just gets worse and worse but if you can talk it out, sometimes you can get that little bit of support and it makes it ten times better.”

Equinox Nine Lives, Kathleen’s story:

“Kathleen, 44. Some days I have a good mood. Some days I have a bad mood. When I have a bad mood, I won’t eat or won’t talk to no-one.

“I speak to my keyworker Adrienne.  She helped me through the cancer. All the appointments I went to in hospital. She goes with me. She was with me for the operation, all day long. She’s been very good. She said to me: “Any problems, just come in the office and speak to her any time or ring her on the mobile.”

“Do not let it bottle up inside you. It don’t work. Just speak to people. Let them know what’s going on in your head.

“We go for a bus ride at Lewisham. Any problem, we just talk about it on the bus to ourselves. We have a laugh about it.  It does help. Get you out your house.  Or massage that is good. I went on Tuesday. Relaxes me. Get all the stress out. Aches and pains go away.

“I love cats. I’ve got a T-shirt with a cat on. Make me feel happy. Friendly cat, way he look at me and he eats a bit of my meat off my plate. I don’t mind that.”