Equinox Nine Lives, Zarina’s story:

Equinox Brent logo“My name is Zarina and I am 20 years old. I love listening to music. I find it soothing and therapeutic and it helps me unwind.

“I also love seeing and talking to my Mum as she always gives me such great support and tells me that she is proud of me and she loves me.

“My life changed in the way that I couldn’t enjoy things anymore. Also I felt as if I was invisible and that no-one saw my struggle.

“My mind would be a swan, calm on the surface but paddling furiously under the surface to keep afloat.

“The most important thing to me is having a team of people ready to listen and support me all the time. Without them I wouldn’t be able to achieve the things I achieve today.

“I am proud of making a full recovery after having a serious breakdown because I really tried my best and I wanted to be well so much that I pushed myself to the limit.”

Equinox Brent:

  • Equinox Brent is a service for people who have experienced mental ill health and have previously been in high supported accommodation or hospital. At Equinox Brent, we help people over a 2 year period to prepare for moving on to lesser supported accommodation or complete independence.
  • Read about how Equinox Brent supported people to move on to greater independence in 2014.

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