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Equinox Brook Drive: results 2014

20th February 2015

Equinox Brook Drive logoEquinox Brook Drive service manager, Michael Twamley:

Equinox Brook Drive is a residential detoxification service in South East London, providing medically supervised alcohol and drug detoxification programmes for people aged 18 and above. Many of our service users also have other needs including diagnosed mental ill health, pre-existing physical health needs and challenging life circumstances.

“Between Jan 1st and Dec 31st 2014, 589 service users came to Equinox Brook Drive for residential detoxification from drugs and/or alcohol.

  • 510 out of 589 (87%) of these clients had a planned, positive discharge from Equinox Brook Drive, after completing their medically-managed detoxification at our service.
  • The majority of these were drug and alcohol free on discharge
  • A very small percentage were on stabilisation doses or GP prescribed drugs on departure from Equinox Brook Drive.

“Our recovery programme is very strong at Equinox Brook Drive with a thorough and varied programme, involving three groups a day, 1-2-1 keyworking sessions, health information sessions, alternative therapies, physical health screenings, good nutrition, support with benefits and much more. Outcome Stars have played a pivotal role in 2014 in the consistency of keywork at Equinox Brook Drive and our care plans. This tool has allowed both staff and service users to engage in very meaningful interactions, despite the relatively short amount of time our clients stay with us at Equinox Brook Drive.

“Despite cuts across the whole industry, Equinox Brook Drive has not allowed our recovery agenda to be impacted. It is our view that medication plays a relatively small, but obviously important, part in the recovery process. The real work is preparing our service users to go out of our front gates at Equinox Brook Drive with informed choices and the ability to make their own decisions about their next steps. Our medical model, honed over more than 20 years of service delivery, is complemented by the positive reinforcement of a person’s worth and their ability and right to recovery, whatever form this takes. It is not, in our view, always possible to attain the necessary coping skills in community settings or an environment that can seem very hostile, when someone is actively drinking or using drugs, or indeed is trying to stop.

Equinox Brook Drive brochure - front cover“I’m very proud of the fact that 87% of our service users manage to change their lives for the better by spending a short time at Equinox Brook Drive. People accomplish something here that could define the rest of their life. In this sense, there is no cap on the value of these outcomes.”

Equinox Brook Drive brochure:

You can find out more by reading the Equinox Brook Drive brochure, which describes all aspects of our residential drug and alcohol detoxification service, including: 24 hour nursing care, in-house GP, recovery programme, alternative therapies, personal recovery stories, volunteering and service user involvement.

Spot purchase & arranging to visit Equinox Brook Drive:

  • Equinox Brook Drive offers excellent value residential alcohol and drug detox programmes.
  • To speak about spot purchase or to arrange a visit to Equinox Brook Drive, please contact service manager Michael Twamley.
  • Email: michael.twamley@equinoxcare.org.uk
  • Phone: 020 7820 9924

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