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Theatre trips, Young Vic workshops & SLaM funding for drama therapy

25th February 2015

Vanessa Doidge, Equinox service user involvement manager:

“Theatre trips in 2014 have been very successful. The full quota of 10 tickets were snapped up each time. It’s a great activity that gets people out and about and provides social interaction. In 2014, we went to:

  • Home, a play about homelessness, at the National Gallery. This was followed by a panel debate with Councillors and politicians
  • Streetcar Named Desire at the Young Vic
  • An Eye of the Needle, a play about immigration and LGBT themes, at Southwark Playhouse (pictured, above left)
  • Sizwe Banzi about apartheid in 1970s South Africa, at the Young Vic (pictured, above right)

“Going to the theatre is very different to other recovery-related activities, such as group work, key work and counselling. We’ve had people come to performances who have never been to the theatre before. We’ve done workshops after the Young Vic theatre trips, where our service users have learned from theatre professionals about how to produce a play.

Many of our service users reported enjoying these activities and feeling more confident as a result. Some have gone on to have 1-2-1 drama sessions.

SLaM Smile for Health funding for drama therapy at Equinox Southampton Way:

“Equinox also won Smile for Health funding from SLaM funding in September 2014. We were granted £680 in total. £500 of this was paid in November 2014 towards sessional drama therapy workers at Equinox Southampton Way. A further £180 will be paid in April 2015.”

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