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Equinox “Off the Press” in 2014

25th February 2015

Vanessa Doidge, Equinox service user involvement manager:

“Equinox Off the Press is a 20 page magazine, which initially focused on covering the topics of mental health, drugs and alcohol. The magazine expanded in the second issue of 2014 to cover news-related features, articles about Equinox Care activities, games and puzzles, recipes and creative work.

“The magazine working group produced 2 issues of Off the Press in 2014. We have 4 regular contributors across Equinox services and additional contributions from another 12 Equinox service users, who all got to see their creative work, articles, photography, jokes and ideas in print.

“We print 500 copies per issue, which are distributed to Equinox services across London and the South East, and externally to local community mental health services, drop in centres, rehabs, the Maudsley Hospital and local recovery groups. We’ve received enquiries from people who read our magazine, asking if they can contribute.

“We’ve had some fantastic articles in the 2014 issues. We ran an interview with poet Dean Atta, for example, a prolific writer aiming to be poet laureate, who runs workshops and teaches in schools about poetry and has his own YouTube channel. His book ‘I am Nobody’s Nigger’ was highlighted on BBC Radio 2. We also interviewed Konrad Deckers Dowber from the Homeless FA, who had just returned from a trip to Chile at the time.”

Download Equinox Off the Press:

A very special thanks to Ian Lynch of CVA Design & Print for his tireless commitment, supporting Equinox Care with the design and print production for Off the Press magazine.

An interview with Art Editor & Chief Interviewer:

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