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Equinox joins the Social Interest Group

25th February 2015

On 1st October 2014, Equinox Care joined the Social Interest Group, in a move to build organisational strength and increase development opportunities.

As reported in Civil Society, the Social Interest Group (registered in England No. 9122052; Charity Commission No. 1158402) was developed by Penrose Options, a provider of social care services.

The founder members of the Social Interest Group are Penrose Options, Equinox Care and Penrose Works Ltd. These organisations provide support, care, accommodation and employment opportunities to people with a range of needs including: mental ill health; history of offending; alcohol and drug dependence; homelessness; and people who have experienced sexual exploitation.

The Equinox Board of Trustees agreed that Equinox Care should join the Social Interest Group, after seeking the best solution for building resilience, whilst ensuring Equinox could retain its unique identity, expertise and service offerings.

The Social Interest Group serves member organisations by supporting the individual Boards, providing back office services, implementing group-wide quality standards, as well as having shared financial capacity, marketing and development resources.

Between October and December 2014, the transitional period has been underway, with Penrose and Equinox Care back office functions coming together at the Social Interest Group head office in Islington.

Gill Arukpe, Chief Executive of the Social Interest Group:

“When Equinox joined the Social Interest Group in October 2014, the priority was for the Social Interest Group to appreciate the services Equinox provide. We wanted to understand the needs and ideas of Equinox service users and staff, including where they saw potential for developing their services.

“There was a consistent request from the staff and service users to refurbish properties, so we set about doing that. It was also a priority for staff to review their training programmes and to take up training available from the Social Interest Group.

“At Board level, the Equinox Board and the Social Interest Group Board got to know each other. We had a two day strategy meeting in November 2014, where we planned the organisational strategy for the year ahead. The Chair of Equinox Board, Robert Branagh, joined the Social Interest Group Board – whilst also maintaining his positioning as Chair of Equinox Care, which has its own Board and charitable status.

“Service users from Social Interest Group organisations had a meet and greet day in December 2014, a successful event where people got to know one another and shared ideas.

“There was also the transition of Equinox infrastructure to the Social Interest Group Head Office in north London, including training, development, HR, IT and Finance.

“What was brilliant about all of this was the way staff and service users joined in at this exciting time. It’s their commitment and enthusiasm which has led to this very positive start and the spirit continues into 2015.”

For further information about the Social Interest Group:

Please contact Group Chief Executive, Gill Arukpe:
Phone: 020 3668 9270
Email: gill.arukpe@socialinterestgroup.org.uk

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